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About Us

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers of Clive is located in the Mercy Wellness Campus, situated in Capital Orthopedics Building #4. We have a highly skilled, compassionate team of physical therapists who are 100% focused on achieving optimal health and wellness for our patients. We are committed to treating a wide range of health problems with specialized training in treatment of BPPV, dizziness diagnoses, imbalance, and other vestibular deficits. We have the best-in-class physical therapy techniques and specialized testing equipment. At FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, we focus on improving your quality of life by using a holistic, whole-body approach to connect your diagnosis with a customized plan of care. The best part? YOU call the shots. Direct access is a state law that eliminates the need for a physician referral. Simply call our clinic to schedule an evaluation with one of our therapists and put your health back in your own hands.

Rep/Contact Info

Kylee Cooksley
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Jillian McDonnell
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Kaibrea Schoning
Marketing Liaison